Bring The Past Alive: A Weekend Master Class With Time Team’s Stewart Ainsworth

Imagine spending an entire weekend with Time Team's 

Stewart Ainsworth

Learning How to Decode the Landscape


What do you see?

Look at the photograph above. Our previous students will be tell you that with ease they can see a Roman neighbourhood or settlement known as a Vicus, Roman, iron age and medieval roads and mines and buildings - all in the above photograph.

Stewart Ainsworth enthusiastic landscape archaeologist

Stewart Ainsworth (ex Time Team) enthusing about the Epiacum historic Landscape

By the end of the weekend you, too, will be able to spot and interpret historical and archaeological features that you previously had no idea were there.

Evidence of a Roman Bath House

Evidence of a Roman Bath House - we even know when it was built - without excavating! The clues are in the landscape

Imagine going out and being able to spot hidden archaeological and historical features in the landscape with ease.

Fields, hills and the countryside will take on a completely different meaning for you, as you see historical and archaeological features and aspects others can't see as you learn to interpret the landscape like an archaeologist

eastern ramparts

Damian Rudge
2017 Participant

The Landscape Archaeology weekend run by Stewart Ainsworth and Al Oswald was superb. Brilliantly organised by the Epiacum Trust. Even the weather couldn't take the shine off the event - without the rain there couldn't be the rainbows under the towering clouds in the North Pennines Big Sky Country. Amazing experience.

You will spend the entire weekend learning the tools, techniques and tricks of expert landscape archaeologists direct from Stewart and another professional archaeologist. 

Aerial view of Whitley Castle fort

Not only that, but you will do so in the stunning unspoilt vista of the North Pennines, in an area with more than 8,500 years of history and archaeology to practise on. You will learn to piece together the stories of everything from Bronze Age miners and travellers, Iron Age villagers, Roman legions, through medieval to Victorian farmers to the present day.

Every age and era has left its mark on the landscape, you just need to know what to look for...

You will be expertly guided to unravel its secrets by Time Team's Stewart Ainsworth in a small class. Lessons that will transform your appreciation of any landscape.

No longer will fields be fields and bumps be bumps, as you learn how to interpret the landscape. Transform walks and drives in the country. Spot archaeological and historical features you never knew were there. 

David Wilkinson
David Wilkinson
2017 Participant

What an amazing course. Not only did we learn about this site and all the different levels or layers of archaeology, but what we learnt has changed the way I see the general landscape. Since the course, I have identified an iron age house and smelting pits and a number of other features around my home. Fully recommended.

Parade square

Parade square and medieval farming, buildings and evidence of iron age settlement and Mesolithic activity ... if you know what you are looking for...

Only 4 places left


Once in a lifetime opportunty

Grab one of the 4 last places before they disappear. Join this unique Landscape Archaeology Masterclass with Stewart Ainsworth and other archaeologists and transform your ability to decode the landscape and understand our history.

18th - 20th May at Epiacum

ONLY £227!



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Many individuals and organisations are involved with the management of Epiacum. We would particularly like to thank the following: Heritage Lottery Fund, North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, Historic England, and Natural England