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This website is maintained by EPIACUM HERITAGE Ltd, a not-for-profit company. Our overall vision takes into account the opportunities to promote the site, increase public access and enjoyment as well as academic research work to develop knowledge and understanding of this multi-faceted site.

The organisation is responsible for the stewardship, management and development of the scheduled Epiacum Roman Fort, and works to explore and develop the site for the purpose of public participation, access and enjoyment. There are no employees of EHL, and it is sustained entirely by the efforts of volunteers (including Directors and existing Advisory Committee). The Directors meet every 2 months, and the Advisory Committee meet monthly. These few volunteers help with the governance and development of the organisation, and in the delivery of specific pieces of work such as:

  • annual work party days making the site ready for opening, processing finds from earlier work
  • designing and writing promotional material (leaflets, panels, social media, website)
  • leading activities (e.g. guided walks, fundraising events)
  • promotion and communication (e.g. TV and other media appearances)
  • maintaining the Friends of Epiacum and writing the quarterly newsletter

In previous years EHL has successfully completed several archaeological and engagement projects including the ever popular Molehill Surveys (in partnership with Altogether Archaeology) and the HLF funded EPIC Epiacum, and a Start Up Grant. The site’s profile has never been higher, with past media coverage including BBC1’s The ONE Show and ITV’s Further Tales of Northumberland with Robson Green.

For information on the “Friends of Epiacum”, please visit the Get involved page.

For videos showing what we get up to visit our YouTube Channel

Many individuals and organisations are involved with the management of Epiacum. We would particularly like to thank the following: Heritage Lottery Fund, North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, Historic England, and Natural England
"the most significant archaeological monument in the region"
- Prof Stewart Ainsworth from TV's Time Team

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