On The Cadge

Does anyone happen to have…?

It’s not just people power and skills we often require to move projects and Epiacum Heritage forward.  Sometimes it may be a bit of kit that we need to borrow for a period of time, or that could be donated to help us in our work.

‘On the cadge‘ is a colloquial term from the North of England that translates in to the Queen’s English as ‘I’m looking to borrow, acquire or otherwise procure something’.

On this page are items that would be very useful for upcoming or ongoing projects that we’d be very grateful if anyone could lend us short term or donate if possible or necessary.

It’s always a bit cheeky to ask, but as they also say up here, ‘shy bairns don’t get owt’ (trans: children who don’t ask for things, don’t get things).




Marquee 1-14th Sept (Operation Jericho – watch this space).  If this project goes ahead, a large marquee that can provide shelter, cooking and social space for a large number of volunteers would be greatly appreciated.
Diesel generator 1-14th Sept (Operation Jericho – watch this space). A power supply to the volunteer camp for this project would be more than useful.


If you’re able to offer help with acquiring any of the above then please contact us directly on volunteers@epiacumheritage.org

Many thanks as always

Many individuals and organisations are involved with the management of Epiacum. We would particularly like to thank the following: Heritage Lottery Fund, North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, Historic England, and Natural England