With over 3,500 years of history within the landscape and beneath the ground to look after, there’s always something to be done at Epiacum Heritage to help preserve and promote this unique site.

As a small charity we rely on the goodwill of a host of supporters and we appreciate very much any and all contributions that our volunteers make.  We also believe that volunteering with Epiacum offers opportunities for individuals and community groups to learn about the site and the area, gain new skills and make new friends whilst having fun in the process.


Plank shifting

Volunteers at the Wellhouse Bastle


There are always a wide variety of tasks that need undertaking over the year and as we grow and so there are opportunities for people from all walks of life, background and age whatever skills you have, whether these be practical, administrative or highly technical.  In fact, the chances are, if you’re still drawing breath, then there will be something you can help us with.

As we continue to develop our partnerships with other heritage organisations  – local, national and international – we hope to offer our volunteers the chance to take part in a wider range of events, training and practical projects.

Please feel free to have a look around this section of the site to find out more about what our volunteers get up to, what opportunities are forthcoming, where we particularly need some help, and how to sign up.

We very much look forward to seeing you soon.

Many individuals and organisations are involved with the management of Epiacum. We would particularly like to thank the following: Heritage Lottery Fund, North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, Historic England, and Natural England
"the most significant archaeological monument in the region"
- Prof Stewart Ainsworth from TV's Time Team