Operation Jericho – Thank you

Operation Jericho was carried out over the period 1-15 September 2018. It was a project to remove the Victorian drystone wall that bisected the site so as to make the site fully visible for the first time in 200 years. The project was overseen by Al Oswald of the University of York and Professor Stewart Ainsworth of the University of Chester and found numerous items of interest buried in the wall. A full report is being undertaken by Al Oswald.


The following people and organisations (listed in no particular order) donated to the project either in money, time or goods and services and we are very grateful for their help, without which the project could not have been successfully concluded :


Northumberland County Council

Logic Manufacturing Limited

Spar Supermarket, Alston

Jason Telford

M Holmes

K & M sayer

Linda Hart

L Mc Vinnie

Amy Krell

Jean Lunn

Ruth Bell

Just Giving

Dave Wilkinson

Elaine Edgar

Dale  van Sylvan

Paul Mercer

John Haydon

Frances Breen

Stephen Brown

Professor Stewart Ainsworth, University of Chester

Al Oswald, University of York

Peter Arts, University of York

Roger Cleverley, University of York

Constance Durgeat, University of York

Zoe Bottomley, University of York

Joe O’Grady, University of York

Josh Toplis, University of York

Neil Park

Kevin Claxton

Ian Bell

Alex McClements

Nicholas Horton

Jo Shoebridge

Fenella Potter

Damian Rudge

Mark Morris

Maura Heapy-Dutton

Gibby Raine

Steve Bentley

Christy Garrett

Stephen Poultney

Heather Todd

Daniela Dantas

Nigel Utzell

John Hughes

Myra Stoker

Ariel Hollamby

Gwendolyne Spense

Barry Smith

Alan Greaves

Helen Wilkinson

Amber Mingus-Brotzge

Bea Deacon

Linda White

Janet Stirk

Brian Stirk

Stuart White

Nicholas Driver

Ian Thomson

Paul Hartley

Fiona Park

Mark Fielding-Pritchard

Helen Grayshan

Unity Stack

Colin Maplethorpe

Nic Cullens

Elfrieda Warren

Corey Lees

Alan Baxter

Joel Driver

Tim Martin

Gary Holland

Michael Holland

Roy Lowther

Sally Blandford

Martin Stephens

Simeon Walker

Isaac’s Byre

Nigel Atkinson

Helen Herbert

Stephen Chappell

Justin Thackeray

Robyn Sanday

Andrew Haydon

Nigel Sewell

Francis Hagan

Oliver Clarke

Natalie Hewett

Robin Stephenson

Tim Haldon

John Lees

P Magee

Ben Legrys

Michael Collins

Stephen Lloyd

Katherine Macy

Pauline Bond

Peter MacGowan

David Brear

Paul W

David Went

John Reid


“Pause, Rewind and Play”

Brent Kelley

Malcolm Perkin

Peter Martin

Savvas Melis

Alice Bondi

Clare Savage

Martin Chadwick

Val Doughty

Dr Julia Reid

Ron Ballard

Claire Toplis

Toby Jeffries

Carol Moscrop

Martin Payne

Iain McNicol

Karen Mason

Rowan Dodd

Michael Altoft

Alston Town Hall

Walton Partners

Mark Howarth

Alastair Robertson

Hannah – Fallin Food Company

Charlie Carter – Cart-a-Loo

Keith Newlands

Mick Hodgson

Joan Raine

David Raistrick

Colin Waddington

Bob White

Gwendolyne Wood

Lewis Wood


Special Thanks go to Dale van Sylvan and Elaine Edgar for planning the event and supporting the campsite respectively, to John Haydon for setting up the crowdfund, to Dave Wilkinson for the blog, to Frances Breen and Fenella Potter for acting as Assistant Coordinators and to the remote PR team (Amber Mingus-Brotzge (USA), Christy Garrett (USA) and Daniella Dantas (Portugal)) for the information updates.

Many individuals and organisations are involved with the management of Epiacum. We would particularly like to thank the following: Heritage Lottery Fund, North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, Historic England, and Natural England